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We are small hobby kennel specializig in breeding leonbergers. This wonderful breed came our life at 1993. Our phylosophy is to breed typical leonbergers in thier character and look, with big emphasis on health .
puppies_7mon.jpgOur family got ist first leonberger in 1993. Stud dog Asson Assa was loved boy her human family, yet was missing a dog friend. So in 1995 we got a female leonberger Annie Chaloupecké skalky upon whom was creetad our breeding Kennel Ensson Bohemia. Our Kennel was registred in 1997, it is small family Kennel. We breed only one female at a time, each female is breed 3 times and them givess a well deserved rest. Our pack of lenbergers usually consists of 3 dogs, we couldnt fit any more into our car. All of an free times is spent with our dogs, holidays, meetings with friends, shows act. Currently we have female who is restings a four year old stud dog and young female. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to welcome more puppies on the future.
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FABIENNE ENSSON BOHEMIA 11 LET vánoce všichni 2015


FABIENNE ENSSON BOHEMIA 11LET FABIENNE ENSSON BOHEMIA  26.10. oslavila 11. narozeniny.              gratulujeme   -

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