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The year 2009


The year 2009 was not a great year for us. In the spring Fram ( more info here  ) and Falco Ensson Bohemia ( more info here ) were bonified, they are both very beautiful and strong stud dogs and champions. Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia fathered puppies abroad ( more info here ) they were born in March. His brother Dario Ensson Bohemia ( more info here become a farther once again. In Italy Delicios Bess is offspring won many high - ranking titles in both club ( more info here ) and international shows. Freya Ensson Bohemia and Freelander van L´aurienhof has a puppies and since there was great interest in these puppies, they are now in several E.U.( more info here )  countries. Fram and Falco Ensson Bohemia got the highest titles in Czech ( more info here ) and Slovakian shows. ( more info here ) During the summer Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia died very suddenly, we are left mourning him with great pain in our hearts. Franciss Bess was very sad as well, so we decided to get her a campanion. We brought little Essy ( more info here ) home from Paris and immediately it was happier in our house. Franci took pait in the club show in Leonberg ( more info here ) where she entered the champion group. She came in third, we were so proud of her. She brought usevor more happiness in December when she gave birth to two strong and beautiful female puppies. ( more info here ) There were only two, so Franci has plenty of time for both of them. In the fall Fabienne Ensson Bohemia became a brood bitch ( more info here ) as did many other bitches from Darling Asson ( more info here ) and some already have thier own puppies. In wold dog show in Bratislava ( more info here ) was Fram Ensson Bohemia exelent 4 and Falco exelent. We get letters and emails from all over the EU about offspring and descendants of Bobby and Dario Ensson Bohemia are all inovotved in breeding and shows ( more info here ) all ovar the world. Their mother and grandmother Annie Chaloupecké skalky ( more info here ) provded the basis for our breeding, not only our Kennel but also many broeders and Kennels throughaut Europe.  


13. 1. 2010                                                                                          D.M.         






We are small kennel specializig in breeding leonberger.  

This wonderful breed came our life at 1993. Our philosophy is to breed typical leonbergers in thier character and look, with big emphasis on health. 



Our home - Ensson Bohemia

Our family got ist first leonberger in 1993. Stud dog Asson Assa was loved boy her human family, yet was missing a dog friend. So in 1995 we got a female Annie Chaloupecke skalky upon whom was creetad our breeding Kennel Ensson Bohemia. Our Kennel was registred in 1997, it is small family kennel. We breed only one female at a time, each female is breed 3 times and them givess a well deserved rest. Our pack of leonbergers usually consists of 3 dogs, we couldnt fit ana more intro our car. All of an free times is spent with our dogs, holidays, meetings with friends, shows act. Currently we have female who is restings a four year old stud dog and young female. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to welcome more puppies on the future.  


29. 12. 2007



Asson Assa and Annie Chaloupecke skalky 1997



























This time was reard the female Annie Chaloupecke skalky with bonitacion code A 1, dysplasia 0/0, HD A, PRA neg. breeding 1. She has these titles: Inter champion, champion of Bohemia, champion of Germany VDH, Club champion of Germany, National winner, winner of the club 97, 98, LG young winner LG Baden - Wurttemberg 96, winner LG Bayern 99.
































Puppies the littel "A" Ensson Bohemia 1999 

( Tango v. Dreiburgenland x Annie Chaloupecké skalky ) 


 In 1999 was reared the first litter of puppies, the offspring of German stud dog Tango v. Dreiburgenland. It was 3 males and 3 females. They are very prospected puppies, some CACIB, CAC, CAJC, BOB and title of Club winner.





Asson Assa  

( 1993 - 2002 ) 











































Annie Chaloupecke skalky 

( 1995 - 2006 )

































One year later, in 2000, was reared the litter B, the offspring of multiple German champion Fratz v. Feuerbach - 2 males and 3 females. Their career is at the beginning. However the doggy that is in Italy celebrated his first success, when he won the Italy special exhibition in April last year. He was estimated as the best young dog of the exhibition. His sister, that stayed at home is successful too. She was estimated as sg. 1 at 3 special exhibition - every time in finale. At our internationale exhibition in Prague and in Brno and in Mlada Boleslav - it was CAJC. She is as a 1 year old female proud of the title Czech Junior champion. Last year was reard the litter C - the offspring of impressive dog Car Lvi chov. Puppies of our kennel Ensson Bohemia were sold to Italy, Germany, France, Belgien, Canada and to Poland.


In September 2001 was reard first female of litter A, with a bonitation A1, dysplazia 0/0, breeding 1. We hope, that the other descenadant will be successful too. The kennel Ensson Bohemia was estimated at club`s exhibition as the best in April 2001. We won a beautiful cup and we were very happy. There are three member of dog’s pack in our home. The leading of the is Asson Assa - 8 year old dog, that is full of health and energy in his high age. He has lots of descendants, for example: Conny Dela Javan, that is proud of titles Inter champion, champion of CZ and champion of Poland or Aman from Roklinky - the winner open class ( always excellent ). Asson was estimated as excellent at inter nationale shows in Czech republic and abroad. He has CAC, CACIB. He is on merited rest now. He is our big darling, that is always with us nad in the shows he is as a bodyguard of our females. Asson is our first dog, he gives us lot`s of pleasure and he is and he will be the first one forever. When he was 2 years old, we bought a female Annie Chaloupecke skalky, that is very successful now. Our third dog is Annie`s daughter Bessy - one year doggy, that is very illbred. Both of our female are dominant, nice and distrustful to unknown people. Bessy Ensson Bohemia is the youngest member of our pack and for the moment the naughtiest one. We will meet on the pages in every change in our dog's pack, with their successful or failure.


Autumn is here again and the year 2002 has seen many changes in our pack. First some very sad news, Asson Assa, the greatest dog in the world died 25. 6. 2002. It was the saddest day in our lives, we will never forger him In other news, Anny, Addy and Bessy Ensson Bohemia, welcomed puppies this year and Bobby Ensson Bohemia of Italy has fathered a few litters this year. As far as the results of this years dog show are concerned, domleté information can be found in the section shows. Addy Ensson Bohemia won quite a feu show: international champion, champion CZ, PL, SK, , specia winner CZ, winner show LG Thuringen, LG Sachsen – Anhalt, LG Saar,  winner classe champion -  World  dog show in Amsterdam. At his time she is one of the most successful females in Europe. Agima Ensson Bohemia won the title Czech championand and her mother Annie Chaloupecké skalky added to her titles the Polish championship and the club title in Czech for the year 2002, it is her third Club winner title. 





Bessy Ensson Bohemia
























The year 2003 was known for the world dog show in Dortmund. Czech leonbergers were  represented by our Kennel and we brought home the title Vice winner Bessy Ensson Bohemia finished as the  2nd best female in the world. Weithe her mother nor her sister discappointed, in the category „ honory „ they took first and secend place. Bessy¨s puppies  with the beautiful Italien stud dog Berlion Ulisseueberall „ Litter D„  have all  gone to their new homes. Berlion Uliseueberall caught our eye at the world show when he finished like the Vice winner. Of the five puppies, one want to  Haly and one to Germany. We kept the chubbiest and camest puppy, Darling Asson. Annie Chaloupecke skalky at 8 years old, won her 4 th title at the very competive club show this year. Sche is still healthy and full of vitality and is still very much the leader of the pack and not willing to hand over the reins to any youger dog. Bobby Ensson Bohemia is used as a stud by breeders all over Europe and has won many Best in show awards. His offspring have been very successful not only in Europe, but even across the ocean. At the yearly meeting I.L.U. ( International union of leonberger  breeders ) in Leonberg our KCHL ( Club Czech leonberger ) representative was officially thanked by the Italien representative for the wonders Bobby Ensson Bohemia has done for them. 




Annie Chaloupecke skalky, Bessy and Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia























At the beginning of 2004 we participated in the Italien Club show, where young Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia was  judged to be the best young dog. His sister Delicious Bess Ensson Bohemia also finished first. Bessy Ensson Bohemia became the Czech club Winner and we are looking for husband for her. Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia dompetes with Dario Ensson Bohemia in German shows and both are very favourably Judged and have  received many tittles. Annie Chaloupecke skalky got first place in the Club show in Leonberger for the honory class. She is still holding her position as pack  leader firmly in her pans. The girls Bessy Addy and Anny Ensson Bohemia won many titels too.





Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia




In the spring of 2005 Dario Ensson Bohemia was breed and immediately became intensively inovolved in breeding. His Czech – Italien – French – German blood is  in great demand in Europe. Reknawn kennels are proud of their offspring from this line and towards the end of the year see thein first successes in shows. Bessy and Quino v.d. Osnitz welcomed „ Litter E “ four beautiful and sturdy puppies, three girls and one boy. Three of the puppies found homes abroad and one Ebonny Ensson Bohemia. We haved been to many show and added many tittles. Darling Asson is becoming a wise, calm and level – headed dog, her charakter is irrplaceable.Towards the end of the year his sister Delicious Bess of Italy also begins breeding. Annie Chaloupecke skalky has been  sleeping more but still attends shows with us. She is slowing giving us the leading position in the pack. Bessy is now the leader more often. Darling Asson is still the same peaceful, calm sweetheart he has always been. At the end of the year at the show in Cluny, France young Elke Ensson Bohemia won the prestigious title of best young female in show and best young dog in the show. Dario Ensson Bohemia won the open class in Leonberg in the club show and missed getting the overall title by a hair.







Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia and Bessy Ensson Bohemia


The year 2006 brought our kennel great success in the club show KCHL, mother ans son were the club  winners, Darling Asson  Ensson Bohemia was judged by a special German judge and Bessy by Czech international judge. The title BOB was given to them by the German judge. They were judged to be the best couple in this show and again in the German club show in Leonberg. Annie Chaloupecké skalky, one of the most succesfull Czech females passed away shortly before her 11 th birthday. We miss her dearly and are trying to come to terms with this loss. We are grateful to her for her achievements and the success she brought to our Kennel and to her wonderful genes whick have been passed daun to the next generation. The title inthe world show was won by Bobby¨s dauther Mona Lisa del Sambro, and Bobby Ensson Bohemia himself won the Best in show title once again. Litter F the offsping of Bessy and the German Gullfaxi lowe v. Walhall have all gone to their new homes. We decided that all of  Bessy¨s childern, ( excerpt one who went to Belgium ) should stay in Czech. One female Franciss Bess stayded with us. We hope she will one day carry our line to the next generation , but for now she is an adaralde, wonderful little creature who is always on her back. We have nickramed her „ Sguirrel “ and she catches everything. Darling Asson became the Winner of a special show held by KCHL and became a stud male.






Darling Asson, Bessy and Franciss Bess Ensson Bohemia



In 2007 we paticipated in a double show in Moravia and our  dogs were aminy winners in both shows and the young dogs from  „ litter F “ were  junged very nicely. By the end of the year almost all of the offspring in Litter F have won some CAJC and the female in Belgium has placed in almost every show in western EU. Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia and Bessy were once again the best pair in club show Leonberg. In France Elke Ensson Bohemia was  breed - bonified and in Czech Ebonny. Towards the end of the year Darling Asson won the title BOB in Stuttgart, Prague and Ceske Budejovice. In Italy Delicious Bess gave birth to the Litter A puppies farhered by the Russian Boris iz Poselka Sokol, 8 beautiful puppies found homes in the EU. Dario Ensson Bohemia has become the most wanted stud dog in Europe, where he has over 400 offspring. Marking the 20 year anniversery of the founding of the Bobby Ensson Bohemia kennel the Italien dog magazine I Nostri cani noted the positive inflvence this Kennel has had for Italien Kennels, and their offspring alike.

29. 12. 2007                                                                        D. M.  







Franciss Bess Ensson Bohemia


The year 2008 was a very successful one for our kennel not only at shows, but also in breeding. The genetic outfit of our puppies is reflected in the many successes of our Leonbergers throughout the EU. We have been getting information from breeders whose dogs’ pedigree’s include our Bobby and Dario Ensson Bohemia. The offspring of these dogs are successfully shown and breed not only in the EU, but also in Canada and the US.
From litter F, Bessy Ensson Bohemia and Gulfax Lowe v. Walhall, females Freya and Franciss Bess were stud dog, other siblings are going for bonitation in the spring of 2009. The first litter of puppies for Elke Ensson Bohemia and the French Octavus du Domaine de la Ponctuation was born. Our beautiful and much loved female Bessy Ensson Bohemia died this year, we miss her very much and are greatly saddened by her death.  She was replaced in the pack by her daughter Franci, who has already won some shows and since October has been stud dog. In Belgium Freya Ensson Bohemia is “pregnant” and is expecting puppies in the beginning of 2009. She has won the title champion as has her brother Falco. The boys Falco and Fram are also proud junior champions. Darling Asson Ensson Bohemia has won many times as best of breed and is still working as a stud dog. His offspring are doing very well in club and special shows KCHL and MSKCHL and some have been bonitated. Towards the end of the year Darling Asson was awarded the title Grandchampion of the Czech Republic.So now at home we have a young female and a productive stud dog with whom we attend activities of both registered clubs here. Our “little” loves bring us great joy and life with Leonbergers is good.

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 20. 1. 2009                                                                             D. M.


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